Our objectives

The alignment of artificial intelligence (AI) with related digital technologies heavily impacts many areas and sectors in society, including the administration of a state, its legal system, as well as industrial production, mobility, research, health care, and military technology. This raises important philosophical, ethical, legal, social and political questions concerning the interaction between humans and AI systems which require a multidisciplinary and multistakeholder approach. The research group “Responsible Artificial Intelligence” started in fall 2018 as FRIAS Research Focus. The group is led by Prof. Wolfram Burgard (Robotics)Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer (Medicine)Prof. Oliver Müller (Philosophy) and Prof. Silja Vöneky (Law).

Our aim is to develop frameworks for of the responsible development, use and governance of AI systems and related digital technologies that are:

  • ethically, legally justified, and
  • politically viable.

We argue, that such frameworks should be

  • sustainable, and grounded in human rights, and
  • preserve the potential for social and economic innovation and progress

This framework for a responsible AI shall serve as an alternative to the largely unregulated ‘disruptive AI’ driven by big technology companies and the state-controlled ‘authoritarian AI’ used for social control and coercion in some societies.

In order to incorporate international and interdisciplinary perspectives on the effective governance of AI, the research group brings together researchers from Freiburg University and guest researchers from various fields at the FRIAS.

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