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Applied Phenomenology & Phenomenological Interviewing from a Transdisciplinary Perspective

23-24th of June 2022 at FRIAS, Freiburg (hybrid)

The topical focus:

Day 1, 23 of June: Applied Phenomenology: Philosophical and Conceptual foundations
Day 2, 24 of June: Phenomenology-based Interview methods 

Registration is required and limited to 40 participants! 

upcoming events

An Interdisciplinary Research Symposium – 25/26 June 2020

At our virtual conference in June 2020 we discussed some of the most pressing technological, philosophical, ethical and legal challenges of AI systems for the next decade from a global and interdisciplinary perspective. To this end we welcomed researchers, scholars, experts from various fields, and lawmakers to exchange thoughts and ideas about fundamental and specific key elements of responsible AI. The exchange with participants from different continents (Asia, Australia, USA, and Europe) and from different disciplines (AI, computer science, medicine, neurosciences, philosophy, and law) gave an opportunity to find a common basis and new answers to pressing questions of AI governance and regulation.

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